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May 16th, Psychology Today called Black women ugly

Ahh, so that’s why I’m single. Thanks.

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It’s a sad day

On Sunday night, I went to dinner with a bunch of students and teachers from Toronto. I was talking with one of the teachers about race and said that in Vancouver I felt that I was American Female Black as … Continue reading

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What in the complete hell is going on in the world?

If we stop saying “gay,” people will stop being gay. Right? Surrogate asks for child support. AFTER SHE KEEPS THE BABY. Kids can’t bring lunch from home?  

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I’m convinced somebody made up equation maps just to ruin my night.

The fact that I have spent hours on this and no one has heard of it anywhere is just… I will claw out my own subconscious if I end up dreaming about them.

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Remind me to tell you about how I’m cursed

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Here’s my running theory

The head of Del Monte lost a bet and therefore had to–HAD TO–produce the single most asinine idea from the company’s suggestion box AND, in addition, had to have the managing director say the following: “Del Monte’s new Controlled Ripening … Continue reading

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And it gets worse

I don’t even… Am I Job? Is that what’s happening? How can my karma be this bad? Who WAS I??

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