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Such a heavy heavy heart

I found myself caught in the rain tonight, unexpectedly. I didn’t have my umbrella. I pulled my hoodie up to protect myself and in that moment, even here thousands and thousands of miles away from the sadness and shame of … Continue reading

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My mom told me just now that she didn’t wear her hood on her jog this morning

She always wears one because she goes out early and it’s cold, but she didn’t feel comfortable or safe doing it today. Between that and the racist Hunger Games tweet controversy, I just can’t. I can’t.

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KONY 2012, even with all of its problems, gave me a hope about the power of social networking in the face of injustice that the Trayvon Martin tragedy is quickly proving was false.

Why aren’t more people talking about this? And how can anyone be surprised that I don’t want to bring any more Black kids into a world which so mishandles and devalues the ones it has?

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