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Going through my contact list is like an episode of Hoarders.

“Ok, I know I worked with that person 5 years ago and we haven’t spoken since, but I can’t delete their number. WHAT IF I NEED TO CALL THEM???”

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Middle Class Guilt

I wonder if there will ever come a day when I don’t feel horribly lazy watching the house cleaner scrub my toilet while I am still in pajamas at 1pm? Doubtful.

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Dear iMovie, I hate you. In the face.

I shot video of me driving around Stanley Park yesterday but, as it was a 20-minute drive, I planned to speed it up, throw some music behind it, et voila, post. I have spent HOURS trying to do that only … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s a little weird to say this since the seed was planted nine months ago but

I feel like this is all happening so suddenly. One of the few coherent things in a sea of half-delirious ridiculousness I was thinking on my drive today was how no matter sincere your intentions are, at the end of … Continue reading

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