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This song has never felt more apropos

Adele is for endings. And also apropos: we met 2 years today. Because of course we did. Of course we did. That doesn’t matter now. On the bright side, there’s not a city to divide. No mutual friends to find … Continue reading

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There really are no words for how much I enjoy this flawless human being

And this part: “Gave you space so you could breathe/I kept my distance so you could be free…” Reminds me of this. Lord, somebody get me a church fan.

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21 and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

A few days ago I posted Adele’s track by track explanation of the new (#1!) album. I was struck by something she said when talking about the last track on the album, Someone Like You: “…when I was writing it, … Continue reading

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I jumped up and down

screaming like a teenage girl about to meet Justin Bieber

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I know I’ve posted this song before

But seriously, she is so everything. She’s like the Michelle Obama of early 20s English singer-songwriters.

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