Loose change can be worth more than you think

Value: $3.41

From right to left:

Loonie ($1, and yes, they really call them that)
Toonie ($2)

There are no $1 (or $2) bills here and that has been one of the things that I have missed most unexpectedly. It’s really good to be aware of this so that you realize when you pay with a $10-bill and someone gives you back a handful of coins, you are in fact not being shortchanged, but that’s just how the money works here.

Also, most places will take American money but it’s in your best interest, depending on what’s happening in the world to exchange your money, as the American dollar tends to be stronger. In general, people will take American money “at par” which means 1:1 though I did have an experience at a Staples where paying with American money would have raised the price of the item I was buying. Thankfully, I fished around my purse and found enough loonies and toonies to pay Canadian.

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