You should be kinder to yourself

Beating yourself up doesn’t change anything. It just adds shame to hurt. You’re not to blame for who broke you or who you let in or how they hurt you or even why. It sucks. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. You have to just gather what treasures you came with and polish them and protect them better next time. Don’t keep them hidden though. The people that hurt you don’t care what you do with it. They’ve moved on to other people’s “stuff.” So take care of yours. Hold them. Love them. Keep them. Do what you need to do to make sure that they stay protected. Not concealed. Protected. I’m sorry if someone hurt you. I’m sorry that they didn’t see the God in you because they can’t find it in themselves. I feel sorry for them.
I feel sorry for anyone who can look at you and not see beauty and kindness and joy and life. Even if that person is you. So pity the man or woman who can stare you in the face and watch you hold your heart in your hand and still turn away. Pity them. They must blame the sunshine for pollen instead of thanking it for warmth. What a horrible way to live. I’ve been there. It is miserable. I will fight until there is blood and silence for my right to happiness and joy and laughter and enough tension to keep me motivated. And I have no problem, closing the gate and the door and the windows and the heart to anyone who keeps me from it. True fact.

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