A major way Black culture mishandles Black men

I firmly believe that one of the major issues we have as black people is the shame we put on men who openly show affection. I’m not talking about sexually; I mean just affection. We suffocate our men from showing any real emotion UNLESS the emotion is anger. And then we wonder why our relationships suffer.
Why our personal interactions suffer.
Why we have an abundance of black men depressed and dying and committing suicide because any emotion is being categorized as “gay.”

It is damaging to our future, to our present, and it explain so much of our past. It is imperative that things like this be corrected if we hope to survive as a culture. I’m disgusted that two men after winning a game that they earned, held hands as an expression of friendship and now have to deal with [a homophobic backlash].

It’s bullshit. It’s dangerous.

It is the reason why our children hold so much anger, because any expression of it is held in contempt. It’s okay for Chris Brown to throw a chair through a window in anger. That’s explained and excused but two men holding hands is condemned. It is backwards. It is disgusting and once again it is dangerous for our development as people.

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