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Dear Australia,

You know what would be cool? A sustainable amount of work. You know, maybe from one of the 100 résumés I’ve sent out over the last 2 1/2 months. (But who’s counting?) Am I really wrong for every job I’ve … Continue reading

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Hey Singapore

Spicy meeting you around here

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I went to a BBQ the other night

One of my hostelmates from Melbourne was up here and invited me to his friend’s place, this German guy. After hanging out for a couple hours, he, the German, started taking the piss, saying that it was so stereotypically funny … Continue reading

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Shout out to the guy who tipped me, personally, tonight because “he doesn’t meet a lot of Black women”

I accept your benevolent exoticism.

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A watched pot never boils

“Cause getting your dreams It’s strange, but it seems A little — well — complicated There’s a kind of a sort of…cost There’s a couple of things get…lost There are bridges you cross You didn’t know you crossed Until you’ve … Continue reading

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Coming down with something while you’re job hunting is the worst

All you want to do is nurture your newfound obsession with Game of Thrones nothing but you can’t do nothing what are you crazy do you want to starve STOP WASTING TIME GET IT TOGETHER AND GET A JOB!!!

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Apropos words to stumble upon tonight

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It’s probably a little sad

that I was asked tonight what’s the nicest thing a boy has bought for me and I couldn’t think of anything. I’m hoping that sadness is my failing memory and not an accurate snapshot of an undervalued life.

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Laksa and the lake of fire

Remind me to tell you about the time my hostel mate bought me Thai noodle soup dinner before telling me that I am going to hell. It was delicious!

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The thing about the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

Is that they are a lot bigger than they seem. You can’t appreciate how much it took to make them until you see them up close. The thing about this trip is that it’s a lot bigger than it seems. … Continue reading

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