So far

I’ve worked everyday and am up to 25 pages. Two hours equals about 5 months and 5 months equals about six pages. That means I’m at October 2010.

That means my next chunk will take me back to May 2010, when I started this site.
When I left.
After tonight’s Fringe episode, I just can’t handle that much emotion.

In more lighthearted news, a few selected highlights from my talk with an immigration lawyer a couple days ago:

On telling him about my run-in with Customs,
“Oh yeah, you said everything wrong. Don’t be so honest.”

And, on the national holiday that was 4/20 Day,
“It was great! I went downtown and there were booths where you could get whatever kind of weed you wanted!”

“A friend of mine is a grower. He got busted. Oh, they let him keep his stash. He just has to pay $28,000 in taxes.”

And a friend posted this on my facebook page

Who needs Google Maps? This is accurate.

About J.

A former twentysomething with a head full of curls and heart full of questions wondering: when we get to nirvana, will there be food?
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