Things I’ve Found in Cleaning Out My Car–An Incomplete List

YAS towel

X Games wristband

2005 ISEE Test Prep book

July 1-8, 2010 edition of The Georgia Straight
“The Libra Room is a hotbed of Brazilian fans, and for any game that features their team you’ll need to get inside early. Musicians thump surdos and other thunderous drums throughout the game, so pack some earplugs or expect to be deafened when Brazil scores.” 

A compass

Rachael Yamagata’s autograph from the first time I met her at the El Rey

Rental car receipt from when I was hit at the Long Beach Airport in 2006

Map of Powell’s Books in downtown Portland

A surge protector

Kodak photo paper

Oggi in Italia audio CDs

An LMU workstudy earnings statement from 2005

A ticket stub to Hairspray (I’ve never seen Hairspray on stage)

Robeks menu

Press pass from when I worked the Law-Abiding Citizen premiere

Freewrite responding to my best friend not talking to me anymore, 3 years ago


$3 credit from a used book store in LA that appears to no longer exist, dated 4/30/04

Guide to Winter Driving from the Washington State Dept. of Transportation

17th St. Cafe pay stub from Jul 2-15, 2006

Expired Whole Foods coupons

San Diego hotel receipt from NYE 2005

AAA Maps/Guidebooks for: Canada, Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Nevada

Buddha’s Little Instruction Book by Jack Kornfield

My favorite picture of Mike & I

A broken peach mini-cigar (cigarillo?)

A coaxial cable (What do those even do?)

3 empty whatever-the-word-is-for-what-deodorant-comes-in


100-calorie Oreo bar

Flathead screwdriver

Genius Bar Work Authorization & Service Confirmation

Safe sex kit (condoms, lube, free HIV test site info)  handed out by Common Ground on the boardwalk

Body builder action figure

Alpha Phi stationery

5 screws of indeterminate origin

First aid kit

That awkward moment when you realize that you’re a hoarder…

About J.

A former twentysomething with a head full of curls and heart full of questions wondering: when we get to nirvana, will there be food?
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