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Oh Venice…

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An impromptu dance party to Florence + the Machine 10 minutes ago

showed me that my asthma is getting better too. Not gone–I’m not saying that–but, like my eczema (which makes sense since they’re related), way better than it was before. I didn’t HAVE to stop to get my inhaler and I … Continue reading

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THIS is why I watch this very stupid show

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“Double crush”

In addition to referring to my boy-crazy days in high school, is also used, “when a nerve is pinched in 2 places.” The more you know!

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Waiting for the chiropractor

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A week late, but some extra pics from Eat Real Fest

It was my last big hurrah before starting the carb test. 8 more days.

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Did a lifetime of eating grains give me leaky gut syndrome which then gave me eczema?

Maybe. I certainly wasn’t born with it.

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