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Cookie Dough & Regret: Baking and Shame

Here’s the truth: There is no guilt-free food because your disorder is manufacturing the guilt.  Pie does not come with guilt, nor do cookies, cake, pastry or anything else involving copious amounts of sugar and fat.  How you eat, when … Continue reading

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10-Minute Zumba

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Melissa Rapp. Amber Ojeda. Jes Hudak. Jackie Tohn.

I friend of a friend know 4 people competing on Bravo’s American Idol for songwriters, Platinum Hit. Huh. Well, this just became interesting.

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I also need this

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I need this.

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CSA-Inspired Lunch :)

lettuce, arugula, spinach, tomato, smoked gouda, boiled eggs and then a dressing of apricot, strawberry, cilantro, honey, lime, balsamic & olive oil 🙂

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Christian Privilege Checklist

Read the full list here. A few favorites: When told about the history of civilization, I am can be sure that I am shown people of my religion made it what it is. I can share my holiday greetings without … Continue reading

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