I have a confession

I am a birther.

No, not one of those because that is lame and baseless and xenophobic.

No, I’m talking about the real story.
Trig Palin.

I first followed this back in 2008 and it seemed then like a 2 + 2 = kumquats story.  I mean, what pregnant woman takes a 20 hr. trip home after supposedly going into labor only to go to a hospital without a NICU for a baby that is being born prematurely and will be delivered by a family practitioner, not an OB/GYN?

I’m just asking.

One of the commenters proposed an interesting scenario:

Perhaps we should separate whether Sarah is the mother of Trig from whether Bristol is? It doesn’t follow that if one is a lie, the other must be true.

Crazy alternative theory to follow (not that I believe this,  just that it’s also a way to fit the puzzle pieces together, and I like puzzles):

Sarah is the mother of Trig, but is not the birth mother. She wants to have another child – perhaps an attempt to rein in Todd’s philandering ways, perhaps because she knows babies look good on the campaign trail – but she’s newly elected and doesn’t want another pregnancy to cramp her style/slow her down. So she (they) hire a surrogate to carry to term a baby that is their biological child (her egg, his sperm). This could address the Downs issue – her “old” eggs, and all that.

Knowing the bun is in the oven somewhere out of sight, she (late and inconsistently) presents herself as pregnant. This could explain the now she isn’t, now she is photos.

Sometime during the pregnancy, maybe the prenatal testing shows the baby will have Downs. That can be expensive, raising a special needs child, hence the sudden grab for lots of money. (Not to mention the cost of keeping the surrogate quiet.)

Surrogate goes into labor unexpectedly while she’s in Texas. Hence the leisurely trip home, the “poor choice” of hospital, the lack of hospital birth records, etc., etc. Baby Trig is now introduced to the world as Sarah and Todd’s. But Sarah, not having carried this child like her others, doesn’t feel the same immediate bond. Hence the sometimes odd-appearing, distant ways she interacts with the baby, at least initially.

Meanwhile, Bristol gets knocked up like teenagers do every day, and that’s just another thing to have to deal with.


Is it weird that I want her to run and for this to all come out and be splashed across the news that the “family values” candidate lied about her family?
That’s probably weird.

(But it’s not like it would be the first time someone lied about a baby in that family.)

I don’t wish her or her family any ill; I just love conspiracy theories.

I’m sure she can get a talk show out of the deal.

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