What does SNL have against Black women?

“We won’t cast any and when one needs to be portrayed we’ll just put a man in a dress (WHICH IS OFFENSIVE) and when we finally do have one on the show, in the form of a musical guest, we’ll put her in a sketch about the size of her ass and give her the mouth of ‘a ho who doesn’t know her place.’ Of course, she will be angry and roll her neck a lot.”
-Lorne Michaels (not Lorne Michaels)

Every time I think I should give the show another chance…ugh.

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2 Responses to What does SNL have against Black women?

  1. Natalie says:

    Yeah dude, what IS up with that? The last time a black woman was on SNL was like 17 years ago, and then I think she was only on for one season. And at the risk of sounding offensive, I generally find black female comedians way, way funnier that white female comedians.

    • J. says:

      It is so ridiculous. There have been 3 Black and one biracial woman in their 30+ year history: Ellen Cleghorne, Yvonne Hudson, Danitra Vance, and Maya Rudolph (who I love with my heart). Yvonne Hudson and Danitra Vance only lasted a season apiece. I remember Ellen Cleghorne from when I was a child (because her name sounded like Foghorn Leghorn) but I have no strong associations with any characters or skits she did, whereas I can easily recall Dana Carvey, David Spade, Mike Meyers, and Chris Farley from that same time period.

      Lastly, there is Maya Rudolph–WHOM I COMPLETELY ADORE–but her being biracial matters. Because she can play non-Black characters, she doesn’t do very much to dispel stereotypes about Black women. Same goes for Cameron Diaz. As Latina as she is, you don’t associate her with Rosie Perez. (Although I think that there is a whole other lata de frijoles when it comes to Latino representations in the media.)

      I loved SNL so much growing up and I just want them to be the best show that they can be and I refuse to believe that includes ignoring, while simultaneously belittling, Black women.

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