Best. Spam Comment. Ever.

In case that is too small to read:

“Entitle to all men classify how take away ended and paltry is the power of kings,” Canute said, “for there is no person luminary of the name, but He whom nirvana, soil and superabundance maintain out by indeterminable laws.
Ended the weekend I happen two articles yon the problems with the Massachusetts spick disquiet system.

Because Obamacare was modeled after the Massachusetts structure, the failures in Massachusetts are a harbinger of things to come. I solely like the blemished article, partly because I like Samuelson, and partly because he agrees with me (I reflect on he reads my blog).

If you govern examine my earlier posts, there is nothing creative in these reports. The Massachusetts drawing, which includes an Obama-like indemnification mandate, has increased the number of insured, foremost thoroughgoing trim childish adults. Albeit, it has also resulted in crowded danger rooms, increased waits, and higher costs. Bold lobbying efforts be struck through blocked politicians from cutting fees paid to doctors and hospitals. Increasing costs form resulted in higher insurance premiums which parsimonious companies can no longer stop, important to patients being dumped into the status system. The condition, already in the throes of a slump, requisite against with these increased costs.

The domination is attempting to limit deposit premiums by means of fiat, but in the seek can no more than preponderate in the compendious locution, and option fundamentally be unsuccessful. In the ambit of rhythm single-payer/government takeover on be the only surrogate, which I pattern intent and testament talk over later. The discourteous revealed of events is unexceptionally equivalent to the sequence of events I be hardship with before outlined on account of Obamacare.

No matter how esteemed the underlying object, aristotelianism entelechy commonly prevails. This will also be the concept of topics I compel be fetching up in the next sprinkling weeks. I pass on be examining in deepness the collapse of Obesity, drugs, strength, intensity and smoking on healthcare outcomes and costs, and analyse to prepare a chit-chat hither what part insulting trust should grant in healthcare. I resolution also be examining an lowering and on occasions discussed outlook of American healthcare the striking amount of mazuma, epoch and tear-jerking striving Americans commit to disposable or sober-sided poisonous practices, what I matrix intent and testament visit the job of theurgy in healthcare. More to come.

I can only hope that there is indeed more to come because obviously, this is the best.

Oh, and it was in response to this post. Clearly.

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