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I just accomplished something important here

2 tbsps of melted butter a splash and a half of vanilla extract a few splashes of vanilla almond milk 2 tbsp AP flour 2 tbsp whole wheat pastry flour 2 1/2 tbsp brown sugar 1 bag vanilla cinnamon tea … Continue reading

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Today was my first day at the high school

I read with six different 10th graders and one of them, an otherwise seemingly bright and confident girl, read on a maybe 4th grade level. I’m so curious as to how the system failed her (over and over again). She’s … Continue reading

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Making my list and checking it twice

So obviously I have a list of Food Network/Cooking Channel personalities that I would love to meet/talk to/share a meal with. Doesn’t everyone? Considering that I have no connection to that world, I’m pretty impressed with the progress I’m making. … Continue reading

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My current list would include: the garlic knots at C&Os (Marina Del Rey) the garlic noodles at Crustacean (Beverly Hills) the garlic shrimp at Panda Inn (Pasadena) the garlic chicken at Versailles (Culver City–not Miami, it’s not as good in … Continue reading

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“You should bring them cupcakes, and not some gluten, dairy, flavor free kind but some REAL ones with hand whipped frosting.”

Yes, Jamie. Full gluten, full dairy, and full of flavor…and they just so happen to be organic. 🙂 The guys loved them.

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International Plans

I’ve got a few of them: Apply to be a nanny in Vancouver through the live-in caregiver program. Kids love me and it’s much easier to get a sponsor that way than through traditional employers. Go to grad school for … Continue reading

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My horoscope says that I should keep procrastinating

It’s wise to think first and then speak after you know where your thoughts are taking you. Blurting out an impulsive idea will only complicate your life today. Usually you are able to slow down, but your impatience can get … Continue reading

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