Things that happened today

  • I cooked tofu in bacon fat.
  • I literally laughed out loud alone thinking about Kanye’s album cover art being rejected for being “obscene” but not because it looks like it was drawn by a 3rd grader who needs to go see the school guidance counselor.
  • I remarked to myself that I am a great tutor or, in other words, really good at telling showing people what to do.
  • I chose the checkout line at Trader Joe’s based on length and not the hotness of the checker so I am therefore, obviously, growing as a person.
  • I made a honey-vanilla-Bailey’s dip for store-bought cinnamon rolls or, in other words, I won. (Goat milk, honey, vanilla extract, Bailey’s, pinch of kosher salt, cornstarch. Boil. Stir.Enjoy.)

About J.

A former twentysomething with a head full of curls and heart full of questions wondering: when we get to nirvana, will there be food?
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