Another conversation on current(ish) events

Me: I have another “Ask a Gay Man” question for you.
GFG: Alright, stick it to me, I’ll put on my pink thinking jockstrap.
Me: hahahahahahaha
Me: how do you feel about the T portion of LGBT?
GFG: The LGBTIA community really tries to include anybody with untraditional sexual and gender affiliations. I get that some people feel it’s just too much, but there are people who identify as having gender issues and not sexuality issues and those people want to stand by a group as much as anybody else. And let’s not forget, it was a tranny who threw the first brick at the Stonewall Riots, so I’m down with the “T.”
Me: What are I and A?
GFG: Redundant. I is “intersex” which I feel is covered in transexual, it’s like someone who is in between, or born with both parts and A is ally, which is just because fag hags wanted in on our acronym. I actually really like the term “Queer” instead of LGBT, because it’s all encompassing and I’m always down for a little reappropriation.
Me: lmao @ “A is ally, which is just because fag hags wanted in on our acronym”
GFG: Haha! It’s true though! The GLBT community is so scared of excluding anybody they bend over backwards (or forwards as the situation may arise) to make everybody feel like they’re part of it which is nice, but the NAACP would lose some of its philosophical power if it became NAACASWP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored and Some White People)
Me: hahahahahahahaha
Me: I wanted to ask you because I knew someone who really disliked T being a part of it, as he felt that him being emotionally/physically/mentally attracted to men had nothing to do with another man wanting to be a woman.
GFG: The “T” has long been a part of the queer community, long before homosexuality was open. And because of that, they’re part of the community, and to exclude them now would be untrue to our history together. Like I said, a tranny started the Stonewall Riots, which really defined the gay movement. The way the first women’s movements are criticized for excluding women of color, I believe it’s the same for the “T”, where including them may make our struggle for equality more difficult, but to deny them would be homosexuals buying into the mainstream fear of gender bending. And btw, I am totally pro drag queen. One of the comics I created is about a drag queen superhero, and I just sang The Crying Game at karaoke and it was awesome. I also can’t wait to find a place that has “Goodbye Horses” the song Buffalo Bill sings in Silence of the Lambs.

There were also tangents into the progression of nomenclature (LGB to LGBTIAQ):

Me: I think it’s been interesting to see the banner grow from LGB to containing most of the letters of the alphabet now.
GFG: You can gauge one’s liberalness with how many letters are in their GLBT group.

Modern Family:

GFG: [It] won some award for having a gay couple raise a baby, but the gay couple is completely conventional. They’re gay stereotypes falling into the same traditional gender roles, one’s the breadwinner, one’s the stay at home dad, and they praise it just because it’s a gay couple with a baby.
Me: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK ILL OF MODERN FAMILY!!!! *goes into a blind-eyed rage* No one can ever say anything bad about it ever, ever!! (Though I do find it quite telling that the individual Emmy the show won went to an actor in gayface.)

And True Blood:

GFG: …like Lafayette, he has his flare, but he’s kicked the crap out of hella rednecks in his day. I love Lafayette, he’s very eccentric, typical gay in a lot of ways but also surprises you, and is very individual, and strong.
Me: And just generally the best, a nice contrast to Tara who is generally the worst.
GFG: uuuugh, I HAAAATE Tara!!! I keep waiting for them to do something cool with her; the closest she’s ever gotten was riding on Maryann’s coattails.
Me: Franklin was the best thing to happen to her! I mean, aside from the rape and being held against her will.

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