My friend Bassey is brilliant…even if I am twisting her words to fit my situation

I kind of stay in a constant state of “about to leave.” I’ve been in that state for a while–ever since this “I need help with this…for a few months” turned into “I guess [I] live here now.” But because I never wanted to be the one who came running home when times got tough, I never fully unpacked. Never fully allowed the dressers to hold my shirts and underthings. Never gave the closest permission to taste my permanence. My books, my precious things, remain in boxes in the corner. I’m just not ready to settle here.

via MyBrownBaby: {Bringing Up Boogie} I Dont Bake and My Kid’s a Neat Freak: We Were Made For Each Other.

About J.

A former twentysomething with a head full of curls and heart full of questions wondering: when we get to nirvana, will there be food?
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